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Weaverville, NC Local Government Resources and Information for residents, travelers and businesses relocating to western North Carolina.

Local government in and around Weaverville includes the Weaverville Town Council, the Weaverville Business Association and the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners as well as the Madison County Chamber of Commerce.

As an incorporated township, Weaverville is connected to and interdependent upon the State of North Carolina and Buncombe County for various services, and is served by elected and appointed representatives to these government bodies.

In addition, the town of Weaverville has its own quite robust Police and Fire Departments as well as offices for Planning and Zoning, a Tree Board, and other departments dedicated to maintaining our sustainable quality of life.

Let us help you with your visit, vacation and family fun and your plans for relocating or retiring in the Weaverville area:

Weaverville Government Information

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